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I keep lying. Involuntarily. For the most trivial, unimportant things. I make them important.


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leaving is sad.

I hope i’m not making too bad a decision.

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A life-long commitment to averageness.

Edit: Sorry. That was quite.. mean.

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There are so many people

That I wish I knew

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my diary entry from the prize giving day, one month ago.

another day in which I relearnt to the value of an open mind.

Wednesday, it was good. I didn’t get as much study done as i’d hoped, but this is always the case! I did some classics and some chemistry and some physics. In the evening I went with my parents to the school prize giving ceremony.I sat nearish to the front, as I had won a prize. The ceremony started, a board of trustees representative spoke, and then the head boy. I’ve never spoken with __ in my life but his speech was amazing. He was so passionate about his school, and had clearly put so much into it. He had trouble containing his tears. I couldn’t help but feel almost as proud about Wellington College as he did. The ceremony was long. They gave awards to all the top in subjects in year 11, then all those in year 12. They then got the top 50 year 13s to stand. I got a ‘distinction’ as i’m in the top 17. Then they had the top of subjects in year 13. I got top in german, which didn’t surprise me too much.The most amazing thing happened, too. It made my week. The hea dboy was announced. It was__!After that we had the special prizes. __ won a $40,000 scholarship to a sydney school of management. Julian got something, etc. etc. Then we had the top academic prizes. I got the ‘Rhodes Scholarship’ (Confusing! There is another big one to america of the same name!) for coming third! __ got dux.After it had finished, we walked up to Firth Hall and the Brierly where there was a leaving supper for year 13s. I got my parents to hold my awards and went around and congratulated people, especially __! The Ukelele orchestra put on a short performance, and then the guys did a Haka. I was stuck in the middle of it so had to participate once again - still not knowing what I was doing! They then started chanting. I got pushed to the outside of the group and my parents found me and wanted to leave. While talking to them in the car, I spent some time reflecting on my year, and on Wellington College. I decided that it was i ndeed an amazing, brilliant school, and that there is nothing wrong with the single sexness, the uniforms, the traditional values or even the streamed classes. In the awards ceremony there was present the highest level of respect for the prize winners, reflected in standing ovations for those who were genuinely loved. I realised that there is probably less bullying, fewer prejudices and a greater feeling of unity among my year at Wellington College than there had been at Onslow, and it was great that as third I was not a nerd, not a geek or crazy, I was just someone who had worked hard who could be congratulated.I felt really proud, and thankful for what the school had given me. It had reminded me once again the value of having an open mind, that a way of life should never be rejected until tried, but more importantly, it showed me the value of inclusive society and emphasised the importance of recognising success in order to encourage growth and prosperity.The Onslow attitude is vir tually communist - the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ is severe. There is no incentive to do well, and you are frowned upon if you do. At wellington college, yes, perhaps many feel left out. But in a way they had opportunities that they chose not to take. They could be up there, collecting prizes. They could have done everything __, __, any of the prize winners had done, and more. And hopefully they came out of that night feeling as I did, and had all resolved to try harder, to do better.I left the school with a feeling of regret, and a feeling of enthusiasm. I had been shown by amazing people, such as __, __, __ and more, that it was possible to pack so much more into one year, and try so many different things, than I ever had. I wished that I really had taken advantage of WC, that I had befriended more great guys, that I had gotten involved more. But at the same time I felt motivated and inspired. I decided that next year, at University, I would make the most of everythi ng. That I would jump at every opportunity, embrace them all. That I would get good at sport, try my hand at debating, learn to play chess, join a film club, return to hockey.Afterwards, I couldn’t help but post a post on my facebook page, thanking the school for what it had given me. It made me sad, but reinforced my emotions, when Onslow students commented, exclaiming that apparently I just missed my old school, pointing out how their image of me had been ‘spoiled’ by my uniform. That wasn’t very nice, or very considerate of them, and certainly didn’t help their case.

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Blogging is so perverse.

 do elaborate. do do.


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Is someone able to explain to me WHAT, exactly, it means to be pansexual?


This is really interesting: Men’s Spaces

In fact, the whole article is interesting.

Read it.



Sometimes I think the west just gets sexuality completely wrong. Or just society in general, maybe.